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Waterbase rubber ink for Waterproof fabrics and PU leather

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-16 08:40:41
Deshare ——a leading manufacturer of screen printing silicone, waterbase rubber ink and PU ink. 
Today I am going to share with your our 
Strong adhesive waterbase rubber ink for waterproof fabrics and PU leather: DSW-3345(white)/3345c (clear)
Are you still using solvent base ink with bad smell that hurt your workers and also enviroment ? Now we give you 
a much eco-friendly solution:
1. mix DSW-3345C with fixer A-180 2%, then print underbase to raise the thickness you request
2. print color effect in middle
3. if you need more matte effect, print matte rubber ink DSW-3232 on top, if you need glossy effect as show below, 
print gel glossy rubber ink DSW-3238 on top. 
Suitable for : waterproof fabrics, PU leather.