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About us

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                           Introduction of Deshare 


Dongguan Deshare New Material Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as Deshare Tech) whose former name was Dongguan Shangpin Silicone Co., Ltd established in 2001.  In order to achieve the goal of diversified and multiple developments, it was renamed as “Dongguan Deshare New Material Technology Co., Ltd” in 2017. Deshare Tech is a scientific and technological innovation company integrating research and development, production, sales of printing silicone, water-based ink,  and automatic oval printing machine.

Dongguan Deshare New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional team consisting of doctors, masters, and expert technicians, and is determined to build a world-class innovative enterprise. As a responsible company, Deshare Tech adheres to the principle of customer demand, innovation as the core, talents as the foundation, excellent operation as the solid foundation, excellent culture as the strong guarantee, sustainable development and circular economy as the responsibility. Deshare Tech focuses on high-tech and high-value-added printing new materials and equipment to achieve diversified and refined development.